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How safe is Sharm el Sheikh?  Current Situation


Please note the views expressed in these articles are our views and those of people we have spoken to do not rely on any information as a recommendation or guarantee.


Last updated 10th March 2015
Not much changed last few months.  You can expect heightened security from now until 16th March due to the economic summit in Sharm.  Checkpoints will probably cause some bottlenecks and delays.  Other changes in Sharm are related to visas and it is rumored that as from 15th of May 2015 individuals traveling to Sharm will have to arrange their visas before departure at their home Egyptian Embassy / Consulate.  Apparently this will not affect package tours via a travel company.  We hope to soon develop a regularly updated section regarding the often confusing matter of visas.

3rd September 2014
Still safe in Sharm, police seem to be cracking down more on egyptian workers without correct permits / ID.  Quiet generally, night life in Naama Bay quite busy.  People eating out of hotels more.  Diving superb, good visibility, and varied wildlife with some 'big' sightings.  Boats generally uncrowded but getting busier as are some dive sights.  Water temperature 29 - 30 deg C.  Good time to visit Sharm.

2nd Apr 2014
Sharm el Sheikh remains safe however there have been reports of sexual harassment.  These are not unknown in Sharm and to be honest in many other countries with tourist resorts.  The government, police and some locals and ex pats are addressing these issues but we advise that women do not leave themselves vulnerable, dress sensibly and make sure you are not out alone.  Just be vigilant and sensible, as to be fair, you should be on any holiday.  Weather and diving is fantastic!

26th Jan 2014
Sharm remains safe and relatively quiet.  Weather is unusually warm for this time of year.  Water temp 23 / 24 deg C.  Due to unrest in Cairo we do not recommend trips to Cairo at this time.

16th Jan 2014
Some recent troubles in Cairo and other areas probably due to continuance of Morsi trial and recent referendum.  However Sharm el Sheikh remains safe and peaceful.  Heavy police and military presence outside polling stations, some small traffic disruption and diversions but voting in Sharm was peaceful and non-intrusive.  Holiday makers still enjoying good weather, hotel occupancies increasing and prices in some hotels rising again but still good deals available if you shop around.

8th December 2013
Still safe but quiet.  A few clouds now on some days but still sunny and unusually warm.  Getting ready for Christmas in Sharm.  Decorations are going up in the streets.

26 November 2013
Another beautiful and safe day in Sharm el Sheikh 36 Deg C and a glorious 27 Deg C in the water.  Visibility over 20m - 25m under water.  And So much life, an Eagle Ray, 2 Turtles, 4 octopus and 4 scorpion fish.  And hardly any tourists.  Un-crowded beaches, un-crowded boats and un-crowded dive sites not to mention un-crowded streets.  Simply beautiful.  Sun all day long.  Really a fantastic time to be here.

13th  November 2013
How safe is Sharm el Sheikh, is it empty, is it safe to go to Sharm el Sheikh, is it safe to travel?
These are some of the questions we are often asked.  The fact is, in our opinion, this is an IDEAL time to travel to Sharm el Sheikh.  The city is safe, the beaches are empty and boat trips and dive sites are also un-crowded.

In this update
Egypt lifts State of Emergency

Latest news.
Egypt's government says it is lifting the country's three-month state of emergency and night-time curfew. (This curfew only applied to Sharm el Sheikh for 1 day and Sharm was never affected by the state of emergency.  This shows growing optimism for Egypt.)

The move comes two days earlier than expected, after a court ruling.

An aide to the prime minister said the measures had ended at 14:00 GMT, but the government later said it was still waiting for the text of the ruling.

The measures were introduced on 14 August after security forces forcibly ended sit-ins in support of ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi.

They had been due to last a month, but the government extended them for two more months on 12 September.

Old News
Yes there was a bomb in El Tor on Monday morning, October 7th.  El Tor is not a tourist resort and is 100km distance from Sharm el Sheikh.  It was detonated apparently, outside a security headquarters and soldiers appear to have been the target.  
According to alleged claims by
Ansar Jerusalem :-

"Muslims have lived for over 60 years under agencies of oppression" 


"the head of these agencies that enslaved these people and fought their religion and creed is the criminal police."

Obviously this appears to be continued resentment directed against the authorities and not directed at tourists.

Security in Sharm el Sheikh has been stepped up but this is more reassuring than worrying and not at all inconvenient.

Remember, the unrest that is reported in Cairo and other more distant areas of Egypt are as a result of political disagreements between two major polarised sections of the community.  This unrest is not attributed to or directed at tourists.  Whilst there is the obvious risk of being caught up in the demonstrations in Cairo, there is no public unrest, demonstrations or violence in Sharm el Sheikh.

In fact it is a good time to come to Sharm el Sheikh and the Egyptian people really appreciate the revenue and employment tourism brings in, many locals are devastated  at the decrease in tourism and will go out of their way to be more accommodating.

Flights from UK are running as usual and Swedish and Denmark are traveling using Turkish Airlines, flying from Sweden Via Denmark.  Other countries such as Finland are flying via Milan.

Easyjet cheapest flights are 149 pounds outbound and 103 pounds return.

Today AM - 25 degrees centigrade - wind 9mph - sunny - cloud cover 2%
Today PM - 30 degrees centigrade - wind 3mph - sunny - cloud cover 2%
This evening - 22 degrees centigrade - wind 11mph - sunny - cloud cover 3%
Tonight - 22 degrees centigrade - wind 12mph - sunny - cloud cover 0%

The Downside
Yes - forget trips out of Sharm el Sheikh.  St Katherines Monastery, Cairo, The Pyramids and so on are really off the agenda at the moment.  Despite the troubles in the cities there are more delays at road blocks and the constant possibility that roads may be closed.  Also, in reality, there are dishonest people in all countries and to venture too far afield and away from populated areas, when police and army resources are already stretched, would be irresponsible.

There is also the problem that some airlines and travel agencies have cancelled flights, some companies will not offer travel insurance and some embassies also currently advise against travel.

Due to reduced international tourism many prices have been lowered and as a result many people that could not previously afford to holiday in Sharm can now bring their whole families.  Whilst they may be lovely people, afternoons and evenings around the pool in certain hotels and boat trips with certain dive centres can be a bit less relaxing.  Decide what kind of holiday you want and check the nationalities they are currently catering for and choose that which best suits your desires.

The Plus Side
Prices are down, places are un-crowded and most attractions are running.  Boat trips are still running, the diving and snorkelling is superb with slightly cooler evenings, beautiful sunny days and warm clear waters.  Also the wildlife knows things are quieter and we are seeing much, much more, particularly larger specimens.

In summary
Sharm el Sheikh is beautiful and safe.  You would not realise there are problems elsewhere.  Choose the right hotel and the right dive centre and you can have an amazing and less expensive holiday.  The diving is simply fantastic, you can find smaller groups and less crowded sites with more wildlife.  Your chosen hotel may be quieter, the streets, bars and clubs will be quieter and you will receive more attention from salesmen and taxi drivers.  Stay in Sharm, enjoy the city and don't worry, it is fantastic here particularly for diving.  You will also find, due to reduced prices there will be more Egyptian holidaymakers than normal and certain boats and dive centres and hotels are catering particularly for this.  Even McDonalds are doing a special Egyptian meal!!

Just remember - check out your hotel and dive centre thoroughly or contact us for assistance.  Be prepared for a bit of haggling and extra attention!  Do it properly and you could have the most amazing holiday.

We look forward to seeing you